Project kind Sewer pump stations
Client Waterschap Rijn en Ijssel
Location Doetinchem

The project

One of the tasks of water boards is to treat sewage water. High-pressure pipes transport this influent to the water treatment plants where it undergoes a purification process. Due to current environmental requirements, the water boards are obliged to archive data relating for example to overflows and it must be possible to show the current status of a pumping station.

The assignment

The sewer pump stations are connected to high-pressure tubes and each station comprises pumps that pump the sewage water to the water treatment plant. The operators must be able to view and manipulate the status of the pumping station from a remote location. Communication lines must be used no more than is absolutely essential, because in the event of a fault, the pump station control system must automatically contact and report this to the central post.

The result

A SCADA PC with a router has been set up at the water treatment plant to enable a connection to be formed with the sewer pump stations. Once the communication link has been set up, the status of the pumping station can be viewed and settings can be changed. Furthermore, report data regarding overflows, KwH consumption etc. are stored in a database. As a result of intense standardisation of the hardware and software, the Rijn and IJssel Water Board now has a user-friendly solution that has been perfectly integrated into every department.