Inspections and energy advice 

The Netherlands has recently been shocked hear of a number of accidents involving defective installations. As a result of extensive privatisation and the withdrawal of government control, vetting of installations has become an issue to be dealt with by owners and operators.


Electrical installations also require inspection in order to ensure the safety of the workplace, to test the ergonomics of the system, for example, the lighting level, and to ensure the continuity of your process.

image/picture/MOEKOTTE00649_web.jpgMoekotte carries out inspections of installations in accordance with the NEN 3140 standard and provides you with a comprehensive report regarding the condition of the installation, as well as advice on potential energy savings. The company can also analyse any report on drawings and other relevant documents.

Moekotte is also able to take thermographic measurements for you, so that preventive action can be taken in the event that any hot spots are identified within the essential parts of your installation.