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Vrijheidsweg 31
9641 KP Veendam
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Postbus 142
9640 AC Veendam

T. +31 598 - 350 380
F. +31 598 - 350 390

The Moekotte branch in Veendam comprises approximately 70 employees. This is a compact and enthusiastic team that over the course of the past twenty-five years has been active within fields including the hydraulic and industrial engineering sectors for the purposes of realising electrical solutions. We are of course always a sure partner for your mechanical or civil engineering projects also.

Within a short period of time, Moekotte Veendam grew to become one of the most important players within the market for the maintenance and construction of both locally and remote controlled bridge and sluice systems. Over the course of the past three years, Moekotte Veendam has equipped the majority of water treatment plants in the North with a new control system. Moekotte Veendam has also been involved in the realisation of the control technology for several pumping stations within the framework of the Blauwe Stad development in the Oldamt region of the province of Groningen.

Experts in industry
Moekotte Veendam has developed into a renowned industrial contractor. Moekotte Veendam is a particularly strong player in projects focussing on drives and in specialist once-only projects involving large amounts of engineering and development. Our installations for the starch industry can be found across the whole world, with the majority being in China. A number of our customers contract a specialist team to guarantee service and maintenance of their installations and, in the event of a failure, to provide a rapid solution.

We provide the solution to your challenge
No question, project or problem is too complex. Moekotte Veendam can formulate a practical and appropriate solution and can implement your project from planning to completion, whilst remaining within the budget and timeframe.