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Dorfbauerschaft 148
48308 Senden (DE)
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Postfach 5323
48029 Münster (DE)

T. +49 250 14 44 073
F. +49 250 14 44 069
At the end of the 1980s, Moekotte saw a challenge rising in the form of large electrical projects from the German market. Initially, these activities were implemented with Dutch fitters, project managers and engineers. In an effort to optimise our services and quality and thereby offer our services locally, the Moekotte subsidiary Meetris was established in 2000.

The company’s growth increased immediately after the opening of this branch in Münster. Nowadays, Meetris is a major player for multinational companies in the Automotive and Chemicals sectors. It goes without saying that the Meetris team of approximately 35 fitters, project managers and engineers, are all German nationals.

We provide the solution to your challenge
No question, project or problem is too complex. Meetris can formulate a practical and appropriate solution and can implement your project from planning to completion, whilst remaining within the budget and timeframe.