Infra Euromax - GTI

Infrastructure Betuwe line tunnel engineering - GTI

Moekotte was commissioned by GTI to assemble approximately 450 panels, including fire detection, patch, server, remote I/O and PLC panels. The customer produced designs and drawings of these panels and they were assembled and tested in the workshop

WRIJ Sewer pump stations

The sewer pump stations are connected to high-pressure tubes and each station comprises pumps that pump the sewage water to the water treatment plant. The operators must be able to view and manipulate the status of the pumping station from a remote

OPRA Radial Turbine

The hardware engineering and assembly of the panels, as well as the software engineering for controlling the gas turbines. Moekotte also laid all of the wiring for the "skid" and "enclosure". The follow-up task involved rewriting the software, for