image/picture/MOEKOTTE00662_web.jpgProduction processes demand equipment of the highest quality. It is possible for you as a customer to contract out the complete assembly of your equipment in collaboration with Moekotte Enschede. If necessary and/or possible, Moekotte can also manage your design portfolio. Module construction includes the complete organisation of both the assembly and logistics, as well as communication with suppliers, quality control and document flow. Moekotte develops a separate, comprehensive operational plan specifically for each project.
image/picture/MOEKOTTE00663_web.jpgIn turn, Moekotte contracts out a large part of the mechanical work to specialist companies within the region and, as top-level supplier, provides for the purchasing and inspection of all components.

Moekotte Enschede’s strength lies in the organisation of its production process and associated logistical support services in combination with its quality procedures and guarantees.