SCADA systems

HMI and SCADA systems are used for the purpose of visualising production processes.
The application of Scada systems for the purpose of controlling and monitoring processes guarantees manageability, as monitoring of process variables, alerts and failures makes a substantial contribution toward the supervisory task of the process operator and technologist.

The Production Manager can use the SCADA database in order to gain an insight into the progress of the production process. Packages are analysed within MES and ERP with regard to historical and current production data in order to optimise the existing process where possible. Furthermore, this data is used in order to trace any problems within the production process (Tracking and tracing).
Various SCADA packages have add-ons for the purpose of batch processing in accordance with the ISA-S88 standard and a digital signature in accordance with 21CFRP11.

Moekotte frequently makes use of the following packages provided by our partners for the purpose of its SCADA systems.