Logistics - Wernsing Feinkost & Salate

A reliable and flexible system was realised by means of an S7-400 controller, with a flexible, standardised software design. The safety of the machine and operator was guaranteed by means of a separate PILZ PLC control. The approximately 250 SEW


Moekotte replaced and/or adapted various control systems, including those for the bottle filling line and the conveyor for transporting the swing-top bottles to the swing-top line. In addition to this, Grolsch now has a new site for the collection of

Water management - Vallei and Eem Water Board

The Water Board wished to work with a specific type of PLC and SCADA and imposed requirements relating to the frequency control. With these requirements in mind, Moekotte developed a new control system concept for the water purification process. The

Gas turbines - OPRA

The hardware engineering and assembly of the panels, as well as the software engineering for controlling the gas turbines. Moekotte also laid all of the wiring for the "skid" and "enclosure". The follow-up task involved rewriting the software, for

Migration S5 -> S7 - Graf Holland

Pharmaceuticals - Hosokawa

A manufacturer needs to be able to demonstrate which ingredients have been incorporated into a certain batch of product and in what quantities, who the supplier of those ingredients is, but also who is responsible for the realisation of a quantity of

Bakery production - Kamps

Thanks to our ample experience in relation to batch processing and ISA-S88, Moekotte is the right party to choose if you require a flexible, automated dough and pastry production system. The automation of this batch method of production (in

Marine - Royal Huisman

Moekotte had to orchestrate the technical implementation of iPOD-based technology, in close collaboration with the engineers of Royal Huisman. The Citect SCADA system comprises two redundant servers and total of 18 clients spread throughout the ship.

Bakery production - Bolletje

Bakery production - Aviateur

The goal was to use standard control components in so far as possible. Moekotte’s advice: opt for a Siemens S7-300 system, a touch panel for local operation and Citect SCADA PC as the central system. The latter offers four benefits: The ability to