Industrial ICT

The Automation department at Moekotte was established in the early 1980s, at the time when programmable logic controllers (PLCs) made their breakthrough. In view of the company’s industrial background in control engineering and control systems, this was a natural transition for Moekotte. Since that time, Moekotte has worked continuously to amass knowledge in the field of control systems and to expand its services within the field of industrial information and control technology (ICT). These decades of experience have resulted in a wide range of PLC and SCADA solutions, which Moekotte, as a System Integrator, has launched successfully into the market, together with a host of renowned partners. With the aim of realising the wide range of complex control system projects in an organised and professional manner, Moekotte opted for extensive standardisation. Examples of this include the integration of ISA-S88 and S95 into the PLC and SCADA software and operating according to the V-Model (GAMP). The Moekotte Group comprises around forty hardware and software engineers, which are spread cross the company’s sites in Enschede, Veendam, Apeldoorn and Haaksbergen.

Electrical engineering

During the 1960s, prosperity increased massively everywhere in the Netherlands, yet in Twente, the people were on the threshold of a social and cultural disaster. The production capacity of the textile industry proved to be too great within Europe, as a result of which a large number of textile factories in Twente were shut down in the mid-1960s. Moekotte owes its establishment to the fact that, on the one hand, the textile factories were shut down and, on the other hand, these factories had to be redesigned to suit other activities. The electrical engineering sector is, after all, the birthplace of Moekotte. Since its establishment in 1966, the company has developed further and has specialised in other areas. Our central focus is you, the customer, and problem-solving has become second nature within our company. The minimum requirements that users impose on an electrical system, are that it be user-friendly, reliable, comfortable, sustainable, and absolutely safe. In the past, Moekotte primarily focussed upon installations in industrial premises and machine controls. In recent years however, the company’s work portfolio in relation to utilities has led to the development of a valuable department.

Panel and module manufacturing

Ever since its establishment in 1966, Moekotte has had an excellently equipped workshop at its disposal for the manufacturing of control boxes. Panels and displays for the various applications in the industry were assembled and were successfully implemented in the field. Using the best components available in the market, Moekotte creates robust products that guarantee a long service life. In addition to control panels composed of standard components, Moekotte can also build equipment for a variety of other applications. With our extensive network of high-quality suppliers, Moekotte can assemble and deliver your equipment, from the plates right down to the very last screw. It goes without saying that the project management, quality control and inspection process are all of a high standard. Moekotte stands for effective collaboration and excellent communication with clients.