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The Moekotte Engineering and Installation Group has been a major player within the field of Industrial ICT, Panel and Module Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering for more than 50 years. Its customers include leading companies from across a broad range of industries, including those from the environmental, chemical, paper, food and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as water boards and utility companies.

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Industrial ICT
Industrial ICT

The Automation department at Moekotte was established in the early 1980s, at the time when programmable logic controllers (PLCs) made their breakthrough. In view of the company’s industrial background in control engineering and control systems, this was a natural transition for Moekotte. Since that time, Moekotte has worked continuously to amass knowledge in the field of control systems and to expand its services within the field of industrial information and control technology (ICT).

Electrical engineering
Electrical engineering

During the 1960s, prosperity increased massively everywhere in the Netherlands, yet in Twente, the people were on the threshold of a social and cultural disaster. The production capacity of the textile industry proved to be too great within Europe, as a result of which a large number of textile factories in Twente were shut down in the mid-1960s. Moekotte owes its establishment to the fact that, on the one hand, the textile factories were shut down and, on the other hand, these factories had to be redesigned to suit other activities. The electrical engineering sector is, after all, the birthplace of Moekotte.

Panels and modules
Panels and modules

Ever since its establishment in 1966, Moekotte has had an excellently equipped workshop at its disposal for the manufacturing of control boxes. Panels and displays for the various applications in the industry were assembled and were successfully implemented in the field. Using the best components available in the market, Moekotte creates robust products that guarantee a long service life.

Bespoke solutions, quality and flexibility

The organisation comprises approximately 220 employees, spread across the six branches, and it is their customer-friendly attitude that has contributed to the impressive growth of the company over the past few years. Furthermore, matters such as quality and flexibility and our bespoke solutions form the well-known recurring themes that have also contributed to our success.

Virtual simulation of your process

A new control system, yet able to start up the production process without fear of risks? The migration of operating systems within a production environment is a fascinating and challenging process for the designers and those who implement the migration. For the Production Manager on the other hand, this is a necessary evil which, if it can at all be avoided, must be realised with the least possible loss of production. In short, this is a potential problem that you as a client are likely to encounter on a regular basis. Nothing new for you so far, but all that is about to change! Moekotte has, as a System Integrator, found an important tool within the WinMOD software package that enables you to limit on-site testing to a minimum and that will therefore make your conversion entirely risk-free! What is WinMOD ? The WinMOD software enables the System Integrator to simulate and extensively test the complete control system, including the motors, valves, measurements etc. through...

GAMP – Traceability from powder to pil

GAMP – Traceability from powder to pill The increasingly stringent regulations relating to production within the food and pharmaceuticals industries have led to the requirement for automated systems to be designed and implemented according to a set, traceable and verifiable process. Terms such as tracking and tracing are not unknown to pharmaceutical and food production companies. A producer needs to be able to demonstrate which ingredients have been incorporated into a certain batch of product and in what quantities, as well as who the supplier of those ingredients was. Furthermore, it must be possible to determine who is responsible for the realisation of a quantity of product, at what time, and subject to which production environment conditions. The FDA set down these requirements in the form of regulations and, in order to be able to satisfy the requirements, the (pharmaceutical) industry joined forces and developed GAMP “Good Automation Manufacturing...

Safety Integrity Level and Performance Levels

How safe is your production process? As a manufacturer of an end product and / or as a machine engineer within the supply industry, you will constantly be seeking ways to optimise your production process with a view to increasing production, reducing waste flows and minimising disruptions to that process in so far as possible. There are numerous things that will afford the manufacturer a better market position, even during the improvement process. In addition to the aforementioned improvement processes, all of which are directly linked to production, European legislation also requires you to deal with indirect issues, such as safety and failure rate calculations. These are terms that were given less consideration in the past and that now form the subject of much interest. In order to help our customers familiarise themselves somewhat with this complex subject matter, which is virtually unknown to the majority of them, the firm Pilz and Moekotte held a seminar on 10...

Migration or one-by-one replacement?

Migration or one-by-one replacement? Two factors which are often taken into consideration when replacing (outdated) control systems include the condition of the control panel and the availability of reserve materials. It also goes without saying that budgets must be taken into consideration. If a customer chooses to retain the existing control panels and just replace the PLC hardware, we can then ask whether the existing software programs need to be transferred one by one, or whether these need to be rewritten. The second of these options is known as migration and comprises replacing the existing PLC configuration with a new one, potentially developed by another manufacturer, as well as rewriting the software. Moekotte Enschede B.V. has built up extensive expertise in the field of implementing and providing consultancy services in relation to migration projects, such as from Siemens S5 to Siemens S7. This expertise is not of course limited to Siemens migrations, but also...